What sets us apart within the private equity branche


AUCTUS is not a typical private equity fund.

  • AUCTUS does not manage anonymous capital from large institutional investors, but the majority of the capital comes from entrepreneurs and all AUCTUS investment managers. This means that over 20 highly motivated and very well networked AUCTUS professionals invest in each of our companies – in addition to the over 50 entrepreneurs and family offices of our entrepreneurial fund.
  • We don’t have any investment bankers in our team, we only have pragmatists with experience in small and medium-sized companies.
  • We make decisions internally without interference from investors or external committees – we are quick and can keep our promises. Thus we turn almost every letter of intent (LOI) into a successful transaction.
  • Our portfolio companies get the time they need because there is no maximum holding period. In this way, small- and medium-sized companies can develop into international market leaders.
  • Since 2001 we have been focusing on making medium-sized companies into market leaders. We see the greatest potential in this and have repeatedly resisted the temptation to launch larger funds and to leave the attractive medium-sized segment. Thus we’ve built up enormous experience in this segment.
  • We do not buy companies, then burden them with high debt and try to resell them as quickly as possible. On the contrary – we invest in companies in the long term, keep debt low and focus on growth. We pollinate our companies with the best ideas and contacts from our large investment portfolio.
  • We accept that every company has its strengths and weaknesses – all the more as we want to make the company even better and stronger over the years through our participation
  • It is important for us to find the best solution for every entrepreneur. We therefore spend a lot of time thinking about life planning, tax optimization, succession options and the entrepreneurial involvement of the company’s top performers.
  • We want to understand the sectors where we participate so that we can offer real added value. Therefore, we usually start analyzing a sector years in advance and talk to entrepreneurs and managers in that space so that we can then make quick decisions and be a good sparring partner for our managers.
  • We avoid the need to build large and expensive finance departments
  • Our large and experienced team and strong network allow us to take on the time-consuming task of finding and executing acquisitions for our portfolio companies without distracting operational management.
  • We have a large pool of managers (CFOs, controllers, sales people, etc.) for our portfolio companies that want to grow
  • Experienced entrepreneurs are available to our managers as sparring partners.