European network with industry experience

Optimum Alliance

Optimum Alliance is a network of leading European private equity firms. The alliance covers important European markets and consists of partners who consistently achieve a strong value increase in their portfolio companies. It facilitates the European expansion by means of access to the networks of the respective partners.

The members of the Optimum Alliance regularly swap information about investment experiences, sectors, expansion strategies, consultant networks, recruiting and exits. Also, unlike other alliances they co-invest in the respective partner funds. This creates a much closer cooperation than with other pure relationship networks.

Portfolio companies of the Optimum Alliance benefit from “local access” to the extensive networks of Alliance members. Many of our portfolio companies are strongly export-oriented or want to expand across borders. Facilitating this and supporting our management teams was one of the most important drivers for the foundation of Optimum Alliance.

The founding partners of Optimum Alliance

  • AUCTUS Capital Partners
    DACH’s leading investment firm with > 250 transactions since 2001 and dozens of successfully implemented buy-and-build platforms
  • Sherpa Capital 
    Spain / Portugal’s leading buy-and-build private equity fund with a strong focus on operational value creation in the portfolio companies
  • H2 Equity Partners
    UK’s most profitable small- / mid-cap private equity firm focused on the UK, Ireland and the Benelux

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