Reliance is

Our Philosophy

  • Partnership
    We understand private equity as a business of trust between equal partners and act as a long-term oriented investor and partner of the management.
  • Flexibility and creativity
    We only offer tailor-made solutions that are built on the personal situation and the life planning of our business partners.
  • Fairness and reliability
    Fairness is an integral component of our interactions with our partners.
    You can always rely on our word.
  • Discretion
    We treat the documents and records we have been given with the utmost discretion. We respect sensitive relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Speed
    Like you, we are interested in making every transaction as quick and smooth as possible. We have standardized due diligence processes that we have perfected over hundreds of transactions. Internal decisions at AUCTUS are extremely efficient. Our investment committee is made up of just the four Senior Partners who meet weekly and take their decisions without having to consult any investors or outside board members.
  • Respect corporate culture
    While we are looking for ways to enhance growth and increase company value, we always remain sensitive to the corporate culture and the well-being of our employees.
  • Independence
    AUCTUS is independent and owned by the senior partners. This enables us to make investment decisions in an entrepreneurial manner, based on transparent and clearly defined criteria.