Striko Westofen

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As an innovation and world market leader in the development and production of melting and dosing systems for the growth market of aluminum casting, StrikoWestofen is a hidden champion. With more than 130 employees at locations in Germany, Poland, UK, USA and China, the company achieves sales of approx. 50 million EUR. StrikoWestofen supplies foundries worldwide with high-quality thermal plants, which clearly stand out from the competition above all due to low operating costs, maximum availability and long service lives. The competences and expertise in the field of product and service have made StrikoWestofen number 1 in Europe for decades and internationally a leading supplier in aluminum foundries. AUCTUS and the management set themselves the goal of further expanding the company’s technological lead and market position also in America and the fast-growing Asian market, where StrikoWestofen has its own production and sales capacities in each case.

Sector Industry
Field Mechanical Engineering
Transaction type Secondary Buy-Out
Country Germany, USA, China
Account Representative
Dr. Nicolas HimmelmannPartner

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