Know How
through experience


We’ve invested in circa 400 companies since 2001 – mainly in our 5 core sectors. This follows our conviction that we are particularly successful where we have deep industry knowledge:


    Due to the constant technological changes in the field of information technology which affect almost all areas of the economy, new and diverse opportunities and challenges arise, supported by a strong underlying growth. Investments in the IT market are therefore an important strategic pillar for AUCTUS and will even become more important in the future. Already every third deal in AUCTUS V is in this sector.
    The boundaries between hardware, software and IT services are becoming increasingly blurred due to new business models, e.g. software-as-a-service, cloud transformation or IoT. This results in multiple attractive sub-segments for buy-and-build strategies.
    Through its former and current holdings – such as Valantic (IT services and consulting), Fernao (IT security), QuinScape (data analytics / IT services) and Sidion (IT transformation) – AUCTUS aquired extensive market knowledge and expertise in building new IT groups. AUCTUS is always on the lookout for a) fast-growing companies as new platforms and b) add-on acquisitions for the existing AUCTUS portfolio companies.

    The health sector includes amongst others clinics, nursing homes, practices, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and many other service providers that support healthcare companies.
    The whole sector has in common that there are mostly complex regulatory frameworks and often government-defined remuneration structures. AUCTUS has been successfully investing in many areas of the healthcare sector for years and therefore knows the special structures and regulatory requirements of this market very well. In addition, we are well connected with decision-makers and service providers at all levels of the market from which our companies benefit.
    Our holdings Celenus (rehabilitation clinics), Flemming Dental (dental laboratories), PROCON (nursing homes), Tentamus (food and pharmaceutical laboratories), Werksarztzentrum (occupational health), Unimed (billing), Medaktiv (outpatient rehabilitation), Zahnstation (dental practices), PharmaZell (pharmaceutical active ingredients), ACOMON (optical lenses), PharmaLex (pharmaceutical registrations) and Aakamp (nutritional supplements) impressively show how we support healthcare companies in their growth and how to successfully structure succession planning and outsourcing. AUCTUS is by far the most active financial investor in the German healthcare sector and is constantly looking for new investment opportunities.

    The outsourcing trend continues and will generate further growth in this sector. AUCTUS is particularly interested in companies that operate successfully in fragmented markets and that have a broad customer base. Supported by AUCTUS, well-positioned, medium-sized companies can become industry leaders through acquisitions and extensions of their range of services and thus multiply their value. Our investments in the sectors of construction services, marketing and sales outsourcing, translation services, logistics, call centers, staffing, engineering services and waste disposal solutions are exemplary of the AUCTUS strategy in this large industry.

    Consumer goods and services for consumers

    For years now, private households have benefited from salary increases well above the inflation rate. There is also a stable trend towards higher consumption and a slightly lower savings rate. We furthermore see a shift in spending away from the largest position of the car towards the ‘small, affordable luxuries’. In many areas, the premium segment has been growing faster than the discount for years. All of this leads to a sustained increase in demand for consumer goods and services.

    The consumer sector includes food, luxury goods, furnishings and services in the areas of leisure, nutrition, healthier living and education. Branch offers are developing particularly quickly in the service sector. Growth can be achieved through organic growth, for example through branch building, or a sensible takeover / buy-and-build strategy. Companies should also have a product or service offering that stands out from the competition and offers the opportunity to build a brand or to significantly strengthen it.

    We are invested in fitness, food, coaching & training, hotels and health products, among others.

    With investments in the industrial / technological sector, AUCTUS focuses in particular on the ‘hidden champions’ amongst German medium-sized companies, i.e. firms that serve the global markets with innovative and technological high-quality products, often with niche products and special (technology) expertise. Exciting companies for AUCTUS come from different areas, e.g. mechanical engineering, electronics, industrial goods, environmental technologies, renewable energies, electrical engineering, but also chemistry / pharmaceuticals or measuring & control technology.