former investments

Business model

ACOMON is a leader in the development and production of optical monomers, which serve as the basic material for the manufacture of high-quality plastic eyeglass lenses. The company employs around 40 people and, in addition to its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, operates two further production sites in Ravenna, Italy, and Pasadena, USA. It also has sales representative offices in Singapore and France.

Investment consideration

ACOMON’s target market is highly attractive as several global trends are driving long-term demand. Examples include the rising global population, aging demographics in developed countries, shorter replacement cycles for eyeglasses especially in developing countries, and the general trend to replace previous glass lenses with plastic lenses. The nature of the market also guarantees a certain degree of cyclical resistance and stable growth rates in the future. With a market share of approx. 45%, ACOMON produced in a duopolistic market segment which comprises approximately 55% of all plastic lenses worldwide. The materials offered were characterized above all by their outstanding optical properties and their versatility.

Value enhancement

In a complex carve-out transaction, ACOMON was successfully spun off from Chemtura Corporation and ACOMON AG was established as an independent company based in Zug, Switzerland. The existing management team was strengthened by a new CEO, whose extensive catalog of measures for a long-term increase in the company’s value, primarily through product innovations, was reflected in strong growth rates.


In 2011, AUCTUS and the management team, which was also involved, successfully sold 100% of the shares in ACOMON to the listed and globally active chemical group Mitsui Chemical Inc.

Sector Health
Field Optical Monomores
Transaction type Carve-out
Country Switzerland, Italy, Singapore