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Business model

as electronics specializes in the development and production of intelligent electronic control systems (EMS). The company employs approximately 65 people with predominantly technical training and is based in Großbettlingen in the south of Germany. The company develops electronic components and systems individually according to customer requirements. The services offered include all production and testing steps, from the procurement of raw materials, product design, prototype construction and complete project management to logistics for the customer. as electronics focuses primarily on development and planning and ensures high-quality manufacturing through an extensive network of external production partners in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Investment consideration

as electronics operated in the large and growing market of “Electronic Manufacturing Services” (EMS), which offered strong growth potential, not least due to the ongoing outsourcing trend. Thanks to the focus on development services and the low demand for manufacturing equipment, continuous sales growth combined with above-average profitability could be achieved over the years. Stable and long-term customer relationships with more than 100 customers from 14 different industries as well as a high share of variable costs enable the company to be highly independent of economic cycles. Based on these competitive advantages, the company was highly attractive to potential strategic buyers.

Value enhancement

Following a coordinated transition phase with the previous owners, the position of CEO was filled by an experienced industrial manager. In addition, the organizational structure was redesigned, the second management level was increased in terms of personnel and new reporting systems were introduced.

Taking into account the given equipment, it was possible to optimize all customer-related processes, including development, order processing, quality control and repair, and to implement a revised working capital management process. At the same time, the sales structure was significantly expanded and the regional coverage sustainably extended.


In 2012, AUCTUS successfully sold its shares to the exceet Group SE based in Luxembourg. The exceet Group is a leading producer of integrated electronic and safety systems, which was able to further expand its development and production competencies in the field of electronics through the transaction.

Sector Industry
Field EMS
Transaction type Owner Buy-Out, Nachfolge
Country Germany