Open for new ways

Our investment criteria

With 20-30 new transactions per year, AUCTUS is the most active German-speaking investment company. In the sectors where we currently do not have a buy-and-build platform, we are looking for companies with the following criteria:

  • Profitable
  • Turnover between € 10 and 200 million
  • Operating profit at least € 2 million
  • Good market position
  • Typical situations: succession, management buy-out, owner buy-out (partial sale with the owner continuing to run the business), partial sale of corporate divisions, implementation of a buy-and-build strategy, management buy-in, growth financing
  • In the sectors where we are already active with a platform, our investment criteria are even broader: revenues of any size (also below € 10 and above 200 million sales) and situation (not (very) profitable, even turnarounds, growth financings, complicated situations …). In the following these sectors are marked with an *)

Our focus sectors

  • IT consulting and services (including ERP solutions, Big Data, transformation) *
  • Software (industry solutions, niche software, fintech, proptech etc.) *
  • Network technologies and services
  • IT security services, hardware and consulting *
  • Regulatory Services (Pharma) *, CRO *, Pharma Research *
  • Testing / inspection / certification of food, pharmaceuticals etc *
  • Outpatient care *, outpatient rehabilitation *, intensive care *, nursing homes *
  • Medical technology / medical aids and consumables
  • Special clinics, geriatric care *
  • billing services *; IT solutions for hospitals
  • concepts for medical care centers
  • Certification and compliance
  • Construction services (electricians *, heating and cooling *, engineering & planning *, roofing *, civil engineering *, construction *
  • Industrial services, maintenance, spare parts
  • Special logistics: emergency logistics *, pharmaceutical logistics
  • Marketing services: sales promotion, online-marketing *
  • Insurance broker
  • business consulting
  • Food * (including organic, pet food, supplements, sports food)*
  • Restaurants *, bakeries *
  • Leisure activities, gyms
  • Hotels
  • Entertainment and media
  • Mechanical engineering *, electronics, industrial production *
  • Measuring and control technology, electronics including RFID
  • Testing / inspection / certification of materials and products
  • Laboratory technology
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Industrial ident parts and spare parts *

*) In industries marked with *, AUCTUS is already active with buy-and-build platforms and is therefore also looking for smaller and less profitable companies as acquisitions. .

In addition, we examine investment opportunities in market consolidators, market leaders and niche leaders in all other sectors as well.