Dear friends and collaborators of AUCTUS,
At the beginning of 2022, we opened our new office in Milan in Via Camperio 9, with the aim of strengthening our commitment and presence in the Italian market. We strongly believe that Italy offers significant investment opportunities, and therefore, we are determined to become one of the leading Private Equity funds in this country. We are excited to take this opportunity in our newsletter to introduce ourselves better as players in the Italian market and share our vision and strategy with you, hoping it can lead to successful collaborations and partnerships with you.


AUCTUS Capital Partners is a Private Equity fund founded by entrepreneurs in Munich in 2001, with a long history of success in investing in small to medium-sized enterprises in the European market. Our main strategy is based on the concept of Buy-and-Build: acquiring medium-sized companies with strong growth potential and, from there, creating large international groups that become leaders in their respective sectors. Throughout our history, we have helped dozens of companies grow up to 30 times their initial size.
What sets us apart is our entrepreneurial spirit; in fact, more than 50% of our fund’s capital comes from members of our investment team. This provides us with direct experience in small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe and around the world, enabling us to be pragmatic and involved.
To date, with over 400 majority transactions in the last 20 years, we are among the most active funds in Europe, managing approximately € 800 million in capital and having around 45 platform companies in our portfolio across various European countries. We have received numerous awards as the best European fund.


AUCTUS in Italy

History of AUCTUS in Italy
AUCTUS’s history in Italy dates back to 2007 with the acquisition of Acomon in Ravenna. Since then, we have completed 29 operations in Italy, including 7 platforms and 21 add-ons for our European platforms. Currently, we have 5 active platform companies in Italy, and we plan to close at least 2 more platform deals by the end of 2023. We are also exploring new sectors, including medical clinics, construction, IT services & consulting, digital agencies, consultancy, restaurant chains, etc., to identify excellent platforms to implement our Buy-and-Build strategies.


Our Team in Italy
Our commitment to the Italian market is continually growing. Starting from September 2022, our Italian team has grown from 2 to 9 people, and we are confident that we will continue to grow by leveraging new opportunities and the great potential of the market.


AUCTUS’ outlook in Italy


Our investment criteria and reference markets

Since 2001, we have invested in approximately 400 companies in 5 main sectors (IT, Healthcare, Business Services, Consumers, and Industrial). Our success is derived from our deep knowledge of these sectors, accumulated over 20 years of managing our platform companies.

Historically, we have focused our interest in these sectors, completing a significant number of deals. Some examples are provided below:



In the five mentioned markets, we are constantly seeking potential future market leaders with the following characteristics:
• Revenues between € 10 million and € 150 million
• EBIT over € 2 million
• Strong growth and market consolidation potential
• An excellent market positioning with a strong competitive advantage

Additionally, in the markets where our portfolio companies operate, we also seek smaller-sized add-on companies, as well as companies in turnaround or liquidation situations.

We hope this newsletter helps you get to know us better and understand our objectives in the Italian market. We look forward to collaborating with you on our journey to become one of the leading funds in the Italian market and to create international leaders starting from Italian excellence.



AUCTUS is the most active investment company for small- and medium-sized companies. With nearly 400 investments in the last 22 years, we are the definite No. 1 in Germany. Our successful work is regularly rewarded with prestigious awards and top international rankings. The focus of our investments is on majority holdings in companies with annual sales of between EUR 10 million and EUR 150 million. AUCTUS stands for sustainable organic and also inorganic growth by acquisitions. We achieve this in a trustful partnership together with the management of our companies. We are specialized in building successful medium-sized company groups – We create market leaders. The more than 35 experienced AUCTUS investment experts currently manage around 45 platform investments from various sectors of the economy. The sum of the platform investments with a total of more than 150 individual companies achieves annual sales of far more than € 2 billion. Sales and results have been growing at >10% per year for years.