Helsinki, 16.11.2021:

Investment in leading distributor for high quality filters for off-road heavy-duty machinery and industrial applications in Finland and the Baltics is successfully completed

  • AUCTUS’ Industrial Aftermarket Group acquires majority stake in the Finnish aftermarket specialist Kentek Oy.
  • Europe-wide market consolidation for filters as well as spare and wear parts through add-on acquisitions is sought.
  • Additional investments in specialists in other niches of the industrial aftermarket are also a priority goal.



Alongside its CEO Pavel Fedorov, AUCTUS’ Industrial Aftermarket Group has acquired the majority in Kentek Oy (“Kentek”). Kentek is a leading distributor of premium filters in Finland and the Baltics. Its core competence covers providing filters for off-road heavy-duty machineries in construction, agriculture, or mining, as well as filters for heavy industries. Kentek offers technical advice, customization, and the supply of filters to the customer site. Customers are served with premium filter brands as well as its high-quality own brand “KENTEK”. Hence, Kentek is able to provide holistic filter solutions for the entire equipment range of its customers – independent of individual filter brands or machine OEMs.

AUCTUS started its Industrial Aftermarket Group with MAXI-PRESS Elastomertechnik, which is now extended with Kentek

Kentek’s Managing Director Pavel Fedorov, who has been with the company for over 20 years, will continue to manage the business and remain significantly invested. He has been one of the architects of Kentek’s success in the last years and his continued involvement will ensure the continuity of Kentek’s successful development. AUCTUS will strengthen the company’s further growth with its expertise and experience in realizing buy-and-build concepts.

“We have a solid foundation. We will now focus on two key areas: Firstly, we want to expand our position as a filter specialist in other countries, and secondly, we want to provide more relevant products to our customer base” notes Mr. Fedorov. To realize growth, AUCTUS is constantly monitoring and evaluating add-on options together with the Industrial Aftermarket Group and Kentek.

The next goals are the acquisition of nucleus companies in other niche aftermarkets as well as add-ons for Kentek and MAXI-PRESS

Kentek is an excellent example for a nucleus in AUCTUS’ Industrial Aftermarket Group. This buy-and-build concept focuses on aftermarket mechanics – rather than on a single industry, as is usually the case.

Managing Director Dr. Nicolas Himmelmann adds: “We have developed our industrial aftermarket concept because we constantly discover exciting opportunities with aftermarket specialists that separately address only a limited market size. The challenges of those specialists – regardless of the targeted industry – are similar: Maintaining the innovation edge in combination with attractive pricing, serving an international recurring customer base, and gaining market share. The combined size of MAXI-PRESS and Kentek allows AUCTUS to establish shared services that will accelerate scalability. We keep finding many industry specialists with great potential so that we will continue looking for industry specialists that would further complement the Aftermarket portfolio.”

The Industrial Aftermarket Group of AUCTUS has established itself as an independent and diversified aftermarket partner.




AUCTUS is the most active investment company for small- and medium-sized companies. With around 300 investments in the last 20 years, we are the definite No. 1 in Germany. Our successful work is regularly rewarded with prestigious awards and top international rankings.
The focus of our investments is on majority holdings in companies with annual sales of between EUR 10 million and EUR 150 million.
AUCTUS stands for sustainable organic and also inorganic growth by acquisitions. We achieve this in a trustful partnership together with the management of our companies. We are specialized in building successful medium-sized company groups – We create market leaders.
The 23 experienced AUCTUS investment experts currently manage around 45 platform investments from various sectors of the economy. The sum of the platform investments with a total of more than 150 individual companies achieves annual sales of far more than € 1 billion. Sales and results have been growing at >10% per year for years.


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